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Mothers Without

Mothers yesterday, mothers tomorrow, but never mothers today.

We may be the mothers without, but we are mothers.
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Because grief has no time table.
Because you need to get it out.
Because you are not alone.


- a community for anyone struggling with grief concerning the loss of a child -

I decided to start this blog to help others who may be struggling with the loss of a child. Perhaps we can help each other. I have had two miscarriages and every day seems like a struggle to cope sometimes. I read a letter someone else posted and I commented on it. She replied, and it really made me feel less alone in the world.

So if you have been there, and you need a friend or just someone who can relate, please join. There is no clock on grief, and sometimes the best thing you can do is vent it all out.

The introductory post, as well as a list of community guidelines, rules, and linkable code can be found here.

This community is maintained & moderated by lolasenvy & jesus_h_biscuit.

This community and any good that it generates within the world is done in memory of Dante Michael Sedgley and all the of the others the world over. We love and miss you beyond words, thoughts, and sentiments, and we will never be the same.

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